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Fancy a McLaren 675LT? Too late - it's sold out

Spend your £260k elsewhere: all 500 examples of McLaren’s lighter, lengthier supercar have sold

At £259,500 (before garnishing with extra carbon fibre), the McLaren 675 Long Tail is not what you’d call ‘cheap’.

But, in the latest example of the more-is-never-enough habits of the world’s well-heeled petrolheads, McLaren’s just announced the entire 675LT production run is sold out.

Gone. All 500. Job done, before anyone outside Woking has so much as officially driven one. That’s quite a piece of business.

It’s a safe bet that more than several of those lucky 500 won’t have even clapped eyes on a 675LT in the flesh yet. Here’s a handy spec reminder: the Long Tail is a lighter, angrier version of McLaren’s bread’n’butter 650S supercar. Woking’s take on Porsche’s GT3 RS recipe, in other words.

Thanks to a brutal carbon fibre diet, the lightest wheels ever worn by a street-legal McLaren and lither suspension bits off the P1 hypercar, the Long Tail weighs 100kg less than the already lithe 650S. It’s also ditched the air-con, but you can add it back in for free.

Meanwhile, McLaren’s replaced fifty per cent of the bits in its faithful 3.8-litre bi-turbo V8, upping power from 642bhp to 666bhp. That’s delivered to the rear Pirellis via faster twin-clutch gearshifts and a more playful traction control nanny. The headline numbers are 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds, 0-100mph in 5.5 seconds and 205mph flat out. Fast enough.

But the big story is aero. That monstrous airbrake is fifty percent bigger than the 650S’s wing, and works with a meatier diffuser and new front winglets to create a claimed 40 per cent more downforce than the 650S.

And let’s not forget that the 650 is no half-baked kit car, rather one of the world’s most advanced super-sports-things. Anyone else get the feeling McLaren would be better off completing the remaining F1 season in a 675 LT?

Of course, as some of the more cynical sorts in the TopGear office have noted, if your valet was too tardy delivering the requisite wheelbarrow of money to Ron Dennis’s front door, you could still opt for the still-very-fast, still-very-aerodynamic, £55,000-cheaper 650S, which isn’t sold out, and is also available is a drop-top Spider. McLaren’s adamant it won’t create an open-top Long Tail, meanwhile.

If you do have to make do with a mere 650S, just make sure you never pull up alongside a Long Tail at the lights, alright?

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