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Want a 1,341bhp electric supercar? Good news...

Chinese startup to build ten more Nio EP9s. All you need is £1.4m...

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Remember the Nio EP9? We certainly do. It has one megawatt of power - 1,341bhp in old currency - and accelerates to 124mph faster than a Mazda MX-5 gets to 62mph.

It has racecar-like aero that means it can generate more than 2.5 lateral G. All the better for nabbing lap records around the Nürburgring and the Circuit of the Americas. This is not a car that’s easily forgotten.  

Nio was going to build six of them, all for the Chinese market, and only available to early investors in its parent company, NextEV. This clearly made the world’s rich car lovers very sad, because it looks like Nio has had at least ten more one-per-centers on the phone, hinting that should it build more, they’d gladly buy one. 

Alongside news of a seven-seat China-only SUV, Nio has thus announced at this week’s Shanghai motor show that it’s going to build ten more EP9s, and offer them for sale at $1.48million (presumably before tax) each. About £1.4m with VAT, then.

Nio says each one will be made to order, but not whether they’ll be available to customers outside China. We hope yes, and that one ends up in London. And that we get to drive it, obviously…

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