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You can now chop the roof off your Delage D12 Hypercar

Fancy turning your 1,100bhp hybrid hypercar into a roadster or even a speedster? Delage has the answer

Published: 22 Sep 2022

Remember the Delage D12? No? Not to worry, we’re all getting a little bit of hypercar fatigue these days. Who’d have thought we’d ever say that? Anyway, click these blue words for a full recap.

Done that? Great, because Delage has now announced that you’ll be able to convert your V12-engined hybrid hypercar into a roadster, with the operation requiring “less than ten minutes for two people”. Sounds fiddly.

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There’s more though, because once you’ve removed the ‘fighter-jet type canopy’ from your 1,100bhp, tandem two-seat coupe, you can then add either a smaller windscreen to create a proper open-topped roadster, or you can apparently add a wind deflector, a protective halo and a “very high-end helmet” for the full F1 car experience. Sounds bonkers, doesn’t it?

Both solutions will cost €190,000 on top of your €2.3m purchase price, or if you want the option of both Delage will do you a deal at €260,000. Bargain, right?

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