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This BMW X5 is a 508bhp diesel SUV

German tuning company McChip gives BMW’s quad-turbo SUV a power boost

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The standard BMW X5 M50d is not slow, thanks to a very clever six-cylinder diesel engine with four turbochargers. The result is 395bhp and 560lb ft. But thanks to German tuning company McChip DKR, we now know this engine has more to give. A lot more.

The company’s Stage One tuning package costs €1,399, and gives you 464bhp and 627lb ft. These are already very good numbers - especially if you live in Germany and can make use of the increased 174mph top speed. But the upgrade you really want is Stage Two, which for €1,679 provides 508bhp, 638lb ft and a top speed of very nearly 180mph. Yep, from a 2,350kg diesel-powered family SUV.

McChip hasn’t published acceleration figures, but seeing as the standard car hits 62mph in 5.2 seconds, no doubt one with more than 100 more horsepower could do it in four-point-something.

And it’s not immediately clear whether the power and torque gains are the result of hardware as well as software changes. Either way, it’s a lot of extra power and torque for not much extra cash. Assuming you’re not bothered about preserving your BMW warranty, this can only be a good thing.

Click on these words to read our review of the BMW X5 M50d. Spoiler: impressive as its engine is, we weren’t exactly blown away by the car as a whole…

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