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Behind the scenes: Episode 3, Series 22

  1. Want a behind the scenes sneak peek at this Sunday’s Top Gear? You’re in the right place.

    Episode 3 sees the boys bring a bit of TG magic to the world of ambulances. Response rates need improving, see, and who better to speed up our propulsion of the sick and injured than Jeremy, Richard and James? Better not answer that, actually.

    Needless to say, the cars they choose to spin the ambulances from wander from convention a little. Look carefully in the pictures that follow, and you might just see one of them lurking in the background…

    The other highlight of Sunday’s show is a comeback for the Suzuki Liana Reasonably Priced Car, which means only one thing: an F1 driver is having a crack at the special motorsport lap board.

    It’s the turn of loveable Aussie Daniel Ricciardo. Is he as affable in real life? Can he translate demon overtaking skills in an F1 car into Hamilton-bashing speed in a 13-year-old Japanese saloon car? And the big one: does he ever stop smiling?

    Our first picture, above, suggests not…

  2. The problem with Britain’s current nee-nars? “Not enough POWWEEERRRR”.

  3. Jeremy explains just how much extra power they actually need.

  4. Time for a new Hammond waxwork. This week: nonchalant sitting down pose.

  5. Daniel Ricciardo’s argument that his own car is reasonably priced, and could therefore be used in lieu of the Liana, failed miserably.

  6. Daniel’s usual driving POV. Note many, many steering wheel buttons.

  7. The cockpit we subjected him to. Note significantly fewer knobs to fiddle with.

  8. Ricciardo practices his serious face ahead of lap’o’clock. Time to unleash the Liana.

  9. Bring this picture to life with your own tyre squeal sound effects.

  10. We shall caption this picture simply ‘commitment’.

  11. Unperturbed by such tyre-melting antics, Daniel’s sparkling smile refuses to budge. It’s infectious…

  12. See?

  13. Can anyone stop this boy from grinning ear to ear?

  14. WOW. The powers of the Stig know no bounds. Will Ricky ever be happy again?

    And can he beat the cream of the F1 crop around the TG track? You’ll have to tune in Sunday to find out…

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