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Welcome to Cadillac’s BMW-baiting super saloons

But alas, 668bhp CT5-V and 472bhp CT4-V aren’t coming to the UK. Boo

Published: 02 Feb 2021

It’s officially A Good Day for American petrolheads, for Cadillac has just released two new super saloons designed to take on the mightiest four-doors Germany has to offer.

First up is the CT5-V Blackwing (white) – Caddy’s BMW M5 and Mercedes-AMG E63 rival – and its massive 6.2-litre supercharged V8. We’re talking a colossal 668bhp and 659lb ft of torque – that’s 48bhp and 106lb ft more than the new BMW M5 CS. It’s the most powerful roadgoing Cadillac ever.

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Then there’s the M3/C63/Alfa Giulia rivalling CT4-V Blackwing (red). The smaller car eschews the big V8 in favour of twin-turbocharged 3.6-litre V6 that produces a healthy 474bhp and 445 lb ft.

Both cars are rear-wheel drive only and, get this, come as standard with a six-speed MANUAL transmission with rev-matching and ‘No-Lift Shift’ – meaning you don’t have to lift-off the gas pedal when you’re accelerating hard through the gears.

A specially calibrated ten-speed automatic is an option. So equipped, Caddy says the CT5 does 0-60mph in around 3.7 seconds and the CT4 in 3.8 seconds. Top speeds? “Over 200mph” and 189mph respectively. Jeepers.

Both cars feature an electronically-controlled limited-slip differential, special Michelin rubber and the latest version of Caddy’s ‘Magnetic Ride Control’ suspension. It reacts four times quicker than the previous version thanks to an array of new sensors. The company has also fitted the saloons with stiffer springs, hollow stabiliser bars and higher-rate bushings among many other things. Meanwhile structural changes, to improve chassis rigidity, include an underside shear plate and thicker rear cross members.

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The CT5 is available with carbon ceramic brakes, but the CT4 makes do with standard Brembos.

We won’t get them in the UK, but the CT4 starts at $59,990 and the CT5 at $84,990 in the States. That’s the equivalent of around £46K and £66K at today’s exchange rates. For context, in the US the cheapest M3 you can buy costs $69,900,and the cheapest M5 is $103,500.

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