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What a 2500bhp Mustang looks like

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If you are a die-hard Ford fan, you will be most displeased to learn of this modified, drag racing 1967 Mustang fastback.

Not because it’s been modified to somewhere way, way north of 2,000bhp - the owner reckons on around 2500 horsepower - but more because the nature of that power is delivered via a 6.4-litre small block Chevy V8.

We know, sacrilege, right? Before you get all angry and decamp to an area of the Internet to vent your frustration, just watch the ruddy video first. We’re told this ‘67 Mustang with its steel body and 388ci Chevy V8 runs a pair of 82 Precision turbos turned up to around 35psi on race day.

And boy, do you want to see what its like on race day. At a drag strip, the thing managed to post a sub-eight-second quarter mile time on a test pass. It also managed to sound like the ‘ride of the Rohirrim set to a Metallica soundtrack.

What other FrankenCreations would you like to see?

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