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Video: the Polestar 1 appears to crash very well

Carbon usually shatters in a crash, but not when it's stuck to a Volvo sports car

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Volvo’s targeted no one being killed or seriously injured in its cars by 2020. That sentiment clearly extends to its electrified Polestar sub-brand too, for its first product – the BMW M4-rivaling Polestar 1 sports car – appears to crash exceedingly well.

It’s not been NCAP tested yet, but this initial video from Polestar’s own lab suggests it’ll score highly. The front impact test – conducted at 35mph – sees the ripples of the impact barely make it to the cabin, the area ahead of the front wheels absorbing most of the shunt.

That’s great testament to how the Polestar 1’s constructed and how its carbon body panels perform. Carbon typically shatters in a crash, so the 1 has a steel structure at its core with carbon bits on top. They survived without any bending or misalignment thanks to how beefy the 1’s core is.

Zef van der Putten is Polestar’s carbon expert, and was predictably chuffed. “The outcome of this first crash test validates the decision to build the body of Polestar 1 in carbon fibre. It also confirms that carbon fibre supports the highest safety standards.”

All of which surely helps justify the Polestar 1’s mildly eye-watering £135,000 price tag. And perhaps ensures Volvo didn’t waste that whole sum punting one into a wall, given how much of it remains intact…

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