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Video: two rather special car ads

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So, who enjoyed the return of Mad Men to British TV last
night? Great, wasn’t it? But leaving aside the welcome reappearance of Don,
Roger, Joan, copious office alcohol consumption and some rather excellent
French singing, how good were the ad breaks?

In an inspired move, the broadcaster decided to forgo the
usual contemporary corporate pleas to borrow more money or buy a cheap sofa,
and instead ran classic films from the Mad Men era itself.

And hidden among the Fairy Liquid jingles and value
handkerchiefs from the local Co-op were two classic examples of car advertising.

The first was the original film for the Citroen DS and its
directional headlights, something that even now is only an option from the best
manufacturers. In 1968 they must have seemed like space lasers.  

And then there was just one of the wonderful American VW
adverts that agency Doyle Dane Bernbach produced in the
1960s and 1970s, ruthlessly and hilariously dedicated to proving how expensive
American cars were.  

Predictably, it’s now kicked off an office argument over the
best ever car adverts. So watch the two videos, and let us know your nominations for best car ad in the handy space below…

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