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Volvo S80 news - Big Chinese Cars III: Volvo S80L - 2008

As we’ve now proved indisputably with the Ford Fiesta saloon and stretched Audi A4, the Chinese like big cars. Big versions of normal cars, anyhow.

This is the extended-wheelbase Volvo S80 – sensibly called the S80L – which debuted at the Guangshou Auto Show in south China this week.

It’s a full 14cm longer than the already-not-really-very-short S80, with all of that space going in the rear seats. Which, we reckon, should give you enough space to fit a king-sized double bed back there, if you’re so inclined.

No word on whether the S80L will make it into any other markets, but of all the big-versions-of-normal-cars we’ve seen today, this is our favourite. We’d never thought of Volvo ever really nailing the limo-thing before, but we’d happily be ferried from our dictatorial palace to our dictatorial seat of power in this classy little number, when we seize power.

If. If we seize power. That’s what we meant. 

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