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Ten amazing motoring world records

The new Guinness World Records book is out today - here are some of the best

  1. The new Guinness Book of World Records 2017 is out today, and it contains, quite literally, some amazing things. Things like… the tallest living dog! The longest living cat! The highest ever jump by a Llama!

    We could have just ended the story there, to be honest, but there is some motoring goodness contained within. Two new records join the book, along with loads more. So, we’ve pulled together a little rundown of some of the most amazing motoring records from this year’s collection.

    Admittedly, none of them beats a really, really big dog, but it’s certainly worth a look…

  2. Fastest monowheel (new)

    Meet ‘Warhorse’, a UK-built monowheel that’s capable of reaching 61.18mph (98.464km/h), which beats the previous fastest monowheel by over 7km/h. Also, it looks like quite fantastic fun. Watch the video here.


  3. Longest monster truck (new)

    Jennifer and Brad Campell live in Arizona. They wanted to build something that could wow the denizens of Las Vegas. Step forward, the world’s longest monster truck. It measures a whopping 9.8m (32ft) long, and weighs 6.804 tonnes. 

    Says Jen: “I would get the [Guinness World Records] book every year when I was a kid and was always blown away with the records. I knew I was never going to outdo the longest nails, or lowest limbo… it’s awesome!”

  4. Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice

    This rather scary record belongs to Sweden’s Robert Gull, who managed to wheelie his BMW S1000RR motorbike at 128.06mph (206.09km/h), on 28 February 2015. In Sweden.


  5. Longest UTV wheelie

    Canada’s Roger LeBlanc and four probably quite alarmed passengers (Jeff Gallant, Gilles Dupuis, Paul Arsenault and Martin Phinney) managed to set a new world record back in August 2014 for the longest ever UTV wheelie. He managed 1140.3m (3741.1 ft) at Moncton International Airport in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada in a Honda 700 Pioneer UTV.

  6. Longest ramp jump by a monster truck

    The car’s called Bad Habit, and the man’s called Joe Sylvester, and both managed to jump 72.42m (237ft 7in) in Columbus, Pennsylvania, USA on 1 September, 2013. Consider the feat after you’ve considered the heft: the truck weighs around five tonnes.

  7. Longest ramp jump by a truck cab

    Another ramp, another truck, another record. This one resides in the USA too, and was completed by Gregg Godfrey on 24 July 2015, who jumped a whopping 166ft (50.60m). Godfrey broke his own record, mind, having previously jumped 15.39m.

  8. Longest motorcyle ride through a tunnel of fire

    Does what it says on the tin, which is the longest motorcyle ride through a tunnel of fire. Yep, that’s a thing. Enrico Schoeman and André do Kock achieved this fiery feat in South Africa in September 2014.


  9. Largest K'Nex sculpture

    Bloodhound, the team behind the land speed record attempt, built this full-size model of the SSC at the RBLI in Aylesford in August 2014. The team used a whopping 350,000 individual K’Nex pieces and the whole thing measures 12ft 8.3in high, 8ft wide and 43ft 10.7in long. It’s massive. And quite brilliant.

  10. Tightest parallel park in reverse

    No doubt you’ve seen this one before, but it’s worth remembering. Alastair Moffatt used classic Minis for his attempt in November 2015 at Brooklands, reversing into a space just 34cm larger than the car. Wowsers.

  11. Largest loop the loop in a car

    Yup, to showcase the then new Jaguar F-Pace at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015, Terry Grant did the unthinkable and took the SUV through a loop the loop, to set a new world record of 19.08m.

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