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Audi A5

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Audi A5 review: All about the style, but it has that in abundance

An impending facelift might not usually be huge news, and it might not always alter your decision on whether to buy a car or not. But things feel slightly different with the A5. The second-gen has aged well and still looks smart enough to cut it, but Mk2.5 gets slightly schportier looks at the front and rear. It’ll be a matter of personal preference as to which you go for at this time of limbo. 

The cabin still ranks as one of the greats, though, and means the A5 would be a pleasure to live with.

If you’re looking for a sports car, this ain’t it – the loss of the V6s and the more powerful 242bhp four-pot is indicative of that – but there is at least a clear difference between the standard A5, the diesel S5 and the stonkingly quick, 444bhp RS5.

If you want two-door style and grand touring comfort, but lack the need for outright speed and aren’t too bothered about attacking a B road, the A5 makes a compelling proposition. 

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Audi A5 silver front

40 TFSI S Line 2dr S Tronic

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