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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: BMW 2 Series

Overall verdict
Far better looking than the old 1 Series Coupe. Driving and owning qualities mark it out as a real BMW.


Well engineered, efficient, excellent handling and controls


Not as sexy looking as a coupe should be


What is it?

Just as the 6 Series and 4 Series are the sportier, two-door body-styles of the 5 Series and 3 Series, so the 2 Series is a coupe that uses 1 Series foundations. It’s a traditional three-box jobbie with a separate boot. Certainly not as style-led as, say, the Audi TT with which it directly competes. A conservative formula, but it’s arguably the closest thing BMW makes to the old 2002 or E30 3 Series, insofar as it’s rear-wheel drive but relatively compact. The 4 Series is a far bigger car nowadays – almost 21cm longer and 5cm wider than the 2.

Engines are familiar small-BMW fare, so have an emphasis on turbocharging and downsizing. Most 2 Series sold in Britain have three- or four-cylinder engines, however a sweet turbocharged straight-six is still offered in the M240i. There’s a proper, full-fat M2 as well. You can read about it by clicking here. And you should, because it’s one of our favourite, modern, performance BMWs. 

The 2 Series Coupe has been on sale for a few years, which is why BMW’s just refreshed the range with sharper styling inside and out (ten Internet points if you can spot the differences), as well as new technology in the form of standard LED headlights and better connectivity. 

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
M240i 2dr [Nav] Step Auto
4.6s 167g/km 38.7 340 £40,190
The cheapest
218i SE 2dr [Nav]
8.8s 140g/km 45.6 136 £26,095
The greenest
218d M Sport 2dr Step Auto [Nav]
8.3s 122g/km 62.8 150 £32,395