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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:BMW X5



Running costs and reliability

Prices start at £57,495 for the 30d, with the 40i little more. There’s loads of standard kit, so you probably don’t need to fork much extra. Why, they don’t even hit you for metallic paint.

The base spec is called xLine, with black arch extensions and a slight off-road look. Pay more for M Sport, with 20-inch wheels and more body colour.

Attractive options can be had in packages, which is a good thing in reducing the effective price if you want the whole lot, but annoying otherwise if you want just one small item.

We’d go for the head-up display and better speakers, bundled into a ‘technology pack’. But that mandates the silly phone-sized ‘display key’. Amazing laser headlights are tempting too.

The 40i only just scrapes under 200g/km, with fuel consumption around 33mpg depending on wheel sizes. This is on the old NEDC, so you can expect much worse in real life. The 30d is 47mpg on the standard wheels.

If you’re buying it yourself, the maintenance package looks irresistible, at £399 for three years/36k miles. Get your pushbike serviced in London every six months and you’ll pay more than that.

An unlimited-mile three-year warranty is no more than competitive.

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