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Ferrari California T

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Ferrari California T



What is it like on the road?

This is still a Ferrari engine, pure and raspy in its sound and venomous in its response. Only rather less so. In the first three gears its torque curve is deliberately managed so you get the full surge only by travelling toward the red-line. But in the upper ratios, there’s the full wave of relaxing torque. So it can be a rev-happy supercar one minute, relaxed cruiser the next, depending on your mood. You can manage the quick-witted DCT transmission yourself, or let the auto program take over.

By the same token, the chassis fields huge traction and control when you’re pressing on, but a very civilised ride when you aren’t. The compact engine sits well back in the chassis so it feels a nimble machine. The only gripe is that Ferrari’s habitual high-ratio steering feels a bit edgy on what’s meant to be a car you can relax into. There isn’t a lot of feel to it either. No, this isn’t as involving as other Ferraris. Not meant to be, they say.

Roof-up, there’s little to betray it isn’t a coupe. Roof-down, cockpit turbulence is well controlled. The immaculate hair that’s likely to inhabit the California’s delicious cabin is unlikely to be ruffled. 


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