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Fiat 500

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The Top Gear car review:Fiat 500



Running costs and reliability

Fiat 500 seats

If you can see past the 500’s dynamic limitations and stil love it, the ownership experience should be a breeze. Fiat has now discontinued the diesels as no-one bought them and although the Twinair isn’t as efficient as the claims suggest, that’s the case with every other car on sale as well. As we said earlier, you should get 50mpg in mixed driving. Options are cheap, but avoid Pop trim level as it does without air-con, while at the top end Lounge introduces a panoramic roof that’s probably surplus to requirements. If you want to see the sky, have one of the convertible models. Despite the abysmal name, the mid-range Pop Star trim level probably makes the most sense.

Insurance is affordable, running costs are low and now Fiat has been building it for so long, reliability and quality have improved markedly. The plastics are superior and there’s much less rattling than early cars suffered from. Residuals are good due to the 500’s desirability – much better than the class average. Opt for a TwinAir in the right colour with a tasteful bit of spec on it, and you’re putting your money somewhere very sensible.

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