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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Fiat 500

Overall verdict
A car from whose existence we all benefit, even if we don’t want to be seen in one.


Stylish, affordable but above all life-affirming little hatch


Not a dynamic match for the Mini Cooper


What is it?

It’s a retro Panda. That’s it, really. If you want a markedly less practical and markedly more expensive version of Fiat’s top-notch city car, step right this way. The 500 harks back to Fiat’s iconic post-war microcar in terms of looks, but is built on the Panda platform and shares most of its engines.

But cars are a lifestyle choice these days as much as they are a means of getting about, and the 500 looks wonderful where so many cars in this segment are drab. For the new model year, Fiat’s made a big fuss of how it’s been facelifted, but unless you’re a keen spotter of bumpers ‘n lights, you’ll be hard pushed to notice. For the record, Fiat says 1,800 changes have been made. Clearly polyelliptical headlights are made of many parts.

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