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Fiat Panda

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Fiat Panda



What is it like on the road?

Fiat Panda front quarter

Praise be, this is an Italian car that actually does the vibrancy part well. Pert suspension shows a charming spirit when darting about town and it can even raise a smile out of city limits too. The trade-off is a ride firmer than, say, a VW Up, but we think it’s worth it. As before, there is a DualDrive button to make the steering ridiculously light, but why Fiat feels you’d want to trade the interaction is lost on us. You can literally set the wheel spinning on its own, it’s that light. 

On the engine front, the long-running 1.2 is the cheapest and best, but the punchier 0.9 TwinAir is the most intriguing. Its odd engine note is cute and turbo-assisted torque provides muscle beyond its means. Don’t bother with the clattery diesel though. It’s torquey too, but vocal with it, and lacks the necessary immediacy. In all Pandas, if you do switch off, Fiat has debuted a low speed collision mitigation option, which will emergency-brake if it detects a looming prang. Clever.


How about something completely different?



Fiat 500

If the Panda is somehow all a bit too sensible and practical, Fiat will happily sell you the highly urbane 500
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