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Ford Mustang

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Ford Mustang



Running costs and reliability

Clearly, V8 owners are going to need deep pockets or shares in Shell. On the official figures it can’t even break the 25mpg barrier, and you’re going to do a lot worse than that in daily driving, not least because you’ll be revving the nuts off it just to hear it. Ahem.

The EcoBoost comes into its own here, scoring a 31mpg combined figure (30mpg for the auto), which is a realistic daily figure if you drive gently. (You won’t, but still…)

Reliability should be fine — the EcoBoost engine is shared with the Focus RS, which seems to have gotten over its head gasket issues now, while the V8, despite being heavily updated (including stripped-back cylinder liners and a new high-pressure direct, and low-pressure port fuel injection system) is still basically a simple engine, whose lineage stretches back decades. The new ten-speed auto adds a potentially complex new wrinkle, but hopefully Ford has got its durability sums right there.

In terms of extras, all the new safety kit is standard, while the Magneride dampers (a must-have) are on the options list.

Prices have gone up a chunk, partially thanks to the new safety equipment and partially thanks to the unfriendly exchange rate. They start at £35,595 and at the top end the V8 auto convertible clocks in at £46,595 before options. Which is stiff, but as ever, where are you going to get style and performance like this elsewhere, for similar cash?

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