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Honda Civic

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Honda Civic



Running costs and reliability

2017 Honda Civic red side

Honda has a history of strong reliability and residuals, so a Civic is a safe buy. Honda estimates 83 per cent of Civics will go to retail – actual humans spending their own money, not company fleets. Good residuals mean lowish PCP rates.

Buying on the company could be tax-efficient though, as the 1.0 petrol scores a nifty 106g/km for the CVT. But if you can’t bear that, it’s 117g/km for the manual. The diesel sits under 100g/km.

The active-safety kit does play well with some insurers, so that’s another cost the Civic should be able to suppress. Mind, the anti-crash tech is a bit hyper sensitive. You can mute it, though, so you just get a flash in the TFT display rather than a panicked, shrill noise. Probably better than turning it off all together and tempting fate…

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