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Hyundai i30

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Hyundai i30



Final thoughts and pick of the range

In standard form, the i30 is as comfy and effortless to own as small hatchbacks get. In i30 N hot hatch form, it's a brilliantly fun performance car that's still infused with a sensible warranty and a VFM price

Want a hatchback that’s simple to drive, cheap to run and with the peace of mind of a nice chunky warranty? The Hyundai i30 should fall right into your crosshairs. It’s a sensible and rational rival to the class establishment, but then it’s priced right against them, too.

If you want an emotional connection from your car, or a driving experience that does more than cosset you and keep you comfortable, we’d suggest looking elsewhere, namely the Ford Focus and Mazda 3 we mentioned earlier in the review. The regular i30 isn’t a car that’ll put an improbable smile upon your face.

Ignore all of that if you’re considering an i30 N, though. At its first attempt, Hyundai’s N performance division has made a hot hatch the measure of any front-wheel-drive rival you care to name. A Honda Civic Type R might be more thrilling, and a Golf GTI more sophisticated, but Hyundai seems to have found a wonderful middle ground and created perhaps the best all-rounder in the class. It’s brilliant.

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Hyundai I30 front three quarters

2.0T GDI N Performance 5dr

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