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Hyundai i800 review

£25,585 - £27,985
Published: 13 Jan 2015
Simply enormous van-people-carrier thing from deepest Korea. Masses of room for eight, but sadly with all the on-road prowess you’d expect from something with the exterior dimensions of a bijou flat.

Good stuff

No other MPV can seat so many with such ease for so little

Bad stuff

It's a van. A literal van.


What is it?

The huge Hyundai i800 has eight proper seats and enormous amounts of room, and it's excellent value for money. You'll also wish you'd listened in that family planning class when you were at school.

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Our choice from the range

What's the verdict?

Failed your family planning classes? You need a Hyundai i800. More budget airline than captain's chair, but needs must.
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