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Hyundai Santa Fe

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Hyundai Santa Fe



Running costs and reliability

The Santa Fe starts at £33,425 for the SE model, and as per usual for Hyundai, the top spec is titled Premium SE and will set you back £41,795. Yes, it’s a forty-grand Hyundai, which might seem a tad strong if you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years and missed the Koreans rising above the stereotypes to start building genuinely competitive cars.

That said, alongside the Land Rover Discovery Sport pretty much anything is a budget alternative. We’d still vouch the Santav Fe’s SE model will be worth the outlay, to score standard kit like adaptive cruise control with the automatic gearbox. It’s worth noting only the top-grade Premium SE comes with the automatic gearbox as standard. 

Other goodies include LED headlamps, a heated steering wheel, electric front seats, leather seats everywhere, and a (painfully slow) electric boot door. Should any of that kit break, it’ll be eligible for Hyundai’s five-year, unlimited mileage warranty, which is undoubtedly a factor in 80 per cent of Hyundai SUV buyers sticking with the brand once they’ve been seduced.

Available active safety features include cross-traffic alert, forward-collision assist, blind-spot assist, blind-spot warning and many besides. There’s even a system that alerts the driver if it thinks they’ve forgotten about a child or pet on the back seat when they attempt to lock and leave the car. That’s mainly for America, apparently. Easily done, and all that…

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