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Kia Niro

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Kia Niro


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

It’s not very memorable or especially interesting, but there isn’t much wrong with the Niro’s interior. It’s spacious enough (the PHEV has slightly less cargo capacity due to its bigger battery), the seats are comfortable and the driving position ought to suit most, though you don’t sit as high as you do in some other crossover SUVs.

Meanwhile all cars get CarPlay and Android Auto-compatible touchscreens, but you’ll want to upgrade to the bigger, flush-fitting 10.25-inch display, which has crisp graphics and is snappy to use thanks to fast processing. The dials are easy to read, however they do look a bit cheap, while material quality is par for the course. Just a pity it doesn’t have the Peugeot 3008-style wow-factor, an interior as clever as its powertrain.

The PHEV gets a little light on top of the dashboard. It blinks when the car’s on charge and is visible from a fair distance away. Having visual confirmation your car is charging is great – not all hybrids/EVs have it – as it really sets your mind at ease. If your phone doesn’t charge it’s not the end of the world, but if your car doesn’t then, well, you’re not going to work in the morning. It’s a thoughtful addition. As is the light in the charge port (which is on the front left wing) itself, so you don’t have to faff about in the dark when you get home in the evening.

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