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Lamborghini Urus

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Lamborghini Urus


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

You might imagine that in the pursuit of sportiness and a low roofline (the Urus is 100mm lower than the Q7 or Bentayga) interior space would be completely compromised, but it’s not, not entirely. Despite that sloping roofline and pumped rear wheel arch space in the back is surprisingly accommodating. We’re talking a six-footer behind a six-footer with a bit of head and elbow room to spare, and a 616-litre (1,596-litres with the rear seats down) boot behind that.

In the front, there’s just the right amount of claustrophobia. Although the view out is marginally compromised by the high window line, you sit low, snuggled inside the belly of the car rather than perched on its shoulders. The seats are comfortable, not the skeletal instruments of torture you get in sportier versions of the Huracan and Aventador. In fact, we hunted high and low and couldn’t find one ergonomic nightmare. It’s all a far cry from the day Countach owners had to swing open the door and sit on the sill to reverse.

Surrounding you is a high-tech interior with all the quality marks of an Audi, but skinned to be a Lambo. Everywhere you look there’s hexagons, angles and Alcantara. The main switchgear, especially the starter button under a flip cover and the gear selector, are designed to feel chunky and industrial, as is the Anima lever that lets you toggle through your driving modes. It’s the Yorkie bar centre console of the car world.

The centre piece is a three-screen architecture lifted from the Audi A8 – catapulting the Urus to an electronic generation ahead of the Bentayga and Q7. Behind the wheel is the now familiar digital instrument cluster, while in the centre console the upper screen takes care of navigation, infotainment, your telephone and car settings. The lower screen is your interface for climate control, heated seats and a virtual writing pad if you’d rather scribble your destination in rather than scrolling and clicking.