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Land Rover Discovery

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The Top Gear car review:Land Rover Discovery



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The consummate big family SUV. Spectacular off-road, now better on it, but is it just too Range Rover for its own good?

Make no mistake, the Discovery is one of the best cars of 2017. Its off-road ability transcends what the vast majority of buyers will ever ask it to tackle, yet it’s also so relaxed and refined on the road, it may well cannibalise a few Range Rover and Range Rover Sport sales when folks take account of its gorgeous cabin and extra utility. 

It’s not perfect. The styling is divisive, the infotainment sub-German, and there’s a nagging feeling the XXL treatment has simply jumped the shark of UK roads: the Disco may be too big for its home country now. Still, the weight savings have made it wieldier on the road, and should you have the space for it, it’s difficult to think of any situation the Disco wouldn’t take to with aplomb.

As a family car, a Volvo XC90 is more useful, and though an Audi Q7 is less handy off road, it’s much easier to place on the road. So a Disco might feel like overkill, in some situations. Still, get the V6 in HSE trim and a dark colour and you’ll have one of the finest family cars ever created. 

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3.0 TD6 First Edition 5dr Auto

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