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Lexus LC

Overall verdict

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Running costs and reliability

Lexus are yet to confirm UK prices, or any prices for that matter, for the LC range. However, we do have a steer: expect the LC500h to cost from around £80,000 and the LC500 from £85,000. To that you can add around £5,000 if you want the Sport+ model (you definitely do) that adds the rear-wheel steer, mechanical limited slip differential, carbonfibre roof and sports seats. That positions the LC in an interesting space – less-powerful, but better value than a BMW M6, on a par price-wise with a 911 Carrera S but with two more cylinders, or a half-price Aston Martin DB11. 

Final fuel economy figures are also TBC, but we do have “target” figures. If your wallet has a fear of petrol stations, the hybrid unsurprisingly fares better then the V8 returning around 44mpg and spewing out a mere 149g/km of CO2. The 5.0-litre manages just 24mpg and 273g/km, but then it does 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds, 168mph flat out, and is infinitely more fun to drive. 

When it comes to reliability, Lexus has an impeccable track record and has a habit of topping customer surveys for customer service and ownership experience. Even with the frighteningly complicated Multi Stage Hybrid Drive system, there’s no reason to suggest it’s going to go all TVR on us now. 

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