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Lexus LC

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The Top Gear car review:Lexus LC



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Lexus LC review: the LFA proved there was a mad streak buried deep in the company. LC proves it wasn’t a flash in the pan.

Ever since Alan Partridge proudly drove a Lexus, the company has been trying to shake a certain beige slacks and sensible cardigan image, so a product that’s genuinely hilarious, no caveats, is big. Everything about the LC is bold - the design, the technology, the price point – and it backs it all up with a genuinely-engaging driving experience. On one condition…

That you ignore the hybrid and buy the LC500, because the difference in powertrain response, overall performance and general driving satisfaction is night and day. Make no mistake, the hybrid is a clever piece of technology, but trying to improve a flawed piece of technology (the CVT ‘box) by throwing more technology at it just doesn’t wash. You can Tipp-Ex out a stain on your white shirt, but it’s never going to solve the problem entirely. The LC500h is a 6/10 car.

The 8/10 LC500, then, is resounding proof that until the combustion engine is carried off on a stretcher for good, the old way is still the way forward. The LFA proved there was a mad streak buried deep in the company, this proves it wasn’t a flash in the pan.

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LC 500 Sport+ Pack 2dr Auto

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