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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:McLaren 650S Spider

Overall verdict
Drives every bit as crisply as the Coupe, but with added volume and drama


Does everything the Coupe does, but with more of a spring in its step


The doors impede entry and egress, and that's about it


What is it?

It’s brilliant, that’s what. Oh, are we getting a bit ahead of ourselves? Well, this is the convertible version of McLaren’s 650S coupe, complete with a folding hard top that tucks itself away in 17 seconds at up to 19mph. So far, so standard. 
What makes the McLaren stand out from other convertibles (including Ferrari’s drop-top 488) is that, thanks to the toughness of its carbon tub, it needed no additional strengthening. Which means it’s every bit as stiff and rigid as the hard top and only weighs 40kg more. 

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