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Mitsubishi ASX

Overall verdict

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Running costs and reliability

2017 Mitsubishi ASX side

Mitsubishi’s official figures say that the ASX’s 2.2-litre diesel will return 48.7mpg. That’s not that far adrift of the high 30s to low 40s it’ll actually do, which is commendably accurate from Mitsi. However, the fact remains that for a small diesel crossover, anything less than a real-world 50mpg raises very searching questions as to why you should choose a diesel at all.

That aside, the ASX has been around long enough now for all but the weirdest, most left-field and unrepeatable faults to be ironed out by now, so it’s unlikely to go wrong. In fact, it’s unlikely to do much to aggrieve or enthral you throughout your time with it; it’ll be a car that starts when you want it to, does what you ask it to and fades into the background of your life, as would a well-made boiler.

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