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Peugeot 308

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Peugeot 308



What is it like on the road?

Peugeot 308 front quarter

The latest 308 is 140kg lighter than the old one, is lower and wider than before, and has a slightly longer wheelbase. That translates into a car that rides supremely well. This 308 is really very comfortable, cossetting, and refined. The NVH has been suitably buttoned down, it doesn’t bob and weave around on the road, and it remains settled.

But the trade-off comes when you actively want to get it out of shape; there’s noticeable body roll in tight cornering and the steering isn’t as communicative as, say, a Ford Focus’. The 155bhp petrol is a punchy, accessible unit, while the 1.6-litre 115bhp diesel shows some decent refinement too. And that’s the theme here. Comfort.

Yes, even in the warm GT models, offering either a 202bhp petrol or 178bhp diesel. Like the regular models, they drive very well, but never really thrill.


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