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Rolls-Royce Wraith

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Rolls-Royce Wraith



Running costs and reliability

With a claimed 19.8mpg and 327g/km – not to mention its £250,000 entry point, minimum – this is not a car that’s bought with sense or frugality in mind. But Rolls has been kind enough to provide realistic fuel economy claims, so you’ll actually top 20mpg with ease. There’s room for adults in the back and a boot that’ll swallow everything short of white goods, but Wraith buyers are hardly purchasing those themselves.

For all its rarity, though, this isn’t a jewel of a car with solid residual values. In three year’s time your Wraith will have halved in price – at least – with even relatively recent examples now below £150,000. The more bespoke you make it, the harder it’ll likely to be to sell further down the line, too.

The Wraith is a truly special thing to be in and around, so treat it as such; buy one to keep and enjoy, not shift on as soon as something a bit fancier turns up.

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