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Volvo S60

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Volvo S60



Final thoughts and pick of the range

Everything we've come to love about new-age Volvos in a smaller size

It’s a cracking looking car, the S60, and it does everything pretty well: it drives sharply given its FWD core, it’s comfy and cosseting inside, and there’s a shedload of tech on board.

Ultimately, there’s no area (outside of styling, perhaps) where it betters its rivals – BMW makes a sharper driving saloon, Audi a quieter and comfier one, and Merc has similar self-driving ambitions to Volvo.

The S60 is a pleasant middle ground of all three, though. If you love driving you’re best sticking with more established rivals, but if that’s not a priority – as it isn’t, for most buyers – this should be a very satisfying car to own overall. We’d have it over a more fashionable SUV, too.

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