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Ford Fiesta ST

Best in class
Overall verdict


Goes and grips hard, but cornering is adjustable, pure joy to drive


Steering is a bit short on feel. Um...
Fast, big fun, but also a practical daily driver, compact but refined.

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1.6 EcoBoost ST 3dr


What we say: 

Wide-mouthed Fiesta gets a gutsy turbo engine and chassis fit for dancing. A hot-hatch bargain, then

What is it?

A re-work of the Fiesta, turning it into a back-road corner-muncher and overtaking hustler. But it’s not uncompromisingly hardcore. When the need arises, it can still be a convenient town car or a stress-free long-hauler.

It starts with the engine, which is the 182bhp 1.6 turbo that’s been available in bigger Fords for a while. For the ST though, it has sharper responses and a switched ‘symposer’ for a bit of roar when you’re giving it the beans.

The suspension is 15mm lower than a regular Fiesta, and stiffened in both the springing and the anti-roll, especially at the back, which quells understeer. The steering is higher-geared, the body is better damped, and it all comes with bigger brakes, wheels and tyres. Wrapping that is a purposeful body kit. Get in and you’ll be clamped by lovely buckety Recaros.


It feels usefully quick rather than rabid, but that’s because it’s deceptive. Urge is spread right round the dial, with no peaks or troughs. No drama, in other words, just relentless efficiency. But like we said, quick: 182bhp in a Fiesta is plenty, especially when it’s backed up by 214lb ft on overboost. With surprisingly little torque steer and good traction, you really can use it.

Corners are a hoot. It eats bends with no roll and fine precision. Bumps don’t upset it much either. So much for the speed, what about the fun? For a start, it’s set up so understeer is pretty well a foreign land. And it’s remarkably playable, so if you throw it in on a trailing throttle, or do a lift at the apex, it’ll wag its tail. It’s agile and eager.

The only issue is the steering. Sure it’s well weighted, well geared and well damped. But it’s short of feel at the limit. You get what the car’s doing from the seat, not the wheel.

The ride’s firm but not harsh or jiggly, and noise levels are reasonably well-contained. Which makes it feel solidly made, and makes it a viable road-tripper.

On the inside

Normal Fiesta stuff. OK front room, average for a supermini behind, middling boot space that’s not beaten by cars like the Skoda Fabia. Oh, and a decently made if slightly busy dash, which makes doing simple things like changing the radio frequency slightly baffling. The ST also gets great seats, aluminium pedals and a go-faster wheel.


The ST opens at £17,645, which is well under £100 per horsepower, and includes the Recaros, plus six-speed gearbox, air con, DAB radio, fogs, SYNC connectivity and voice activation. ST2 brings you a Sony ICE, partial leather, LEDs and privacy glass. Economy is well-behaved on the official measure, but you won’t drive in a wellbehaved way. Still, a day-to-day 35mpg is on. And it’s a Ford innit, so you’re never far from a dealer, or a tuner, or a web-forum of crazed fast Ford enthusiasts.

Highlights from the range

Title 0–62 CO2 MPG BHP Price
The fastest
1.6 EcoBoost ST-200 3dr
6.7s 140g/km 46.3 200 £22,710
The cheapest
1.25 Style 3dr
16.9s 122g/km 54.3 60 £12,190
The greenest
1.5 TDCi Style ECOnetic 3dr
11.9s 82g/km 88.3 95 £15,390


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