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10 things that we've learned this week

  1. 1. A quad bike with a Ferrari V8 is exactly as terrifying as you'd expect

    French firm sticks 250bhp Italian lump in a very small quad bike. It looks brilliantly evil. It costs £155,000. For some reason this doesn’t seem a ridiculous sum of money.

  2. 2. Wearing Google Glass while driving will get you in trouble

    Californian woman gets traffic ticket for wearing Google’s future-specs on the interstate. Oh, and for doing 80mph in a 65mph zone.

    Source: BBC

  3. 3. Daihatsu is going FC-ing mad for the Tokyo show

    As well as a reborn Copen concept, dinky Daihatsu will also show this excellent mini-truck in Tokyo. It’s called the FC凸DECK. We don’t know how to pronounce FC凸DECK. Probably better we don’t try.

  4. 4. You lot really don't like the Fiat Multipla

  5. 5. If this animated in-car message board gets made there will be a lot of road rage

    Canadian company ‘Drivemotion’ is seeking Kickstarter funding for its rear-window-mounted LED board. This is possibly the worst idea in history.

  6. 6. Subaru is sending out hidden messages with its Tokyo concept

    Boxer-engined estate concept is called ‘Levorg’. Apparently this is an amalgamation of the words ‘Legacy’, ‘Revolution’ and ‘Touring’. But read it backwards and it spells GROVEL. They’re trying to tell us something, aren’t they?

  7. 7. Tom Cruise isn't tall enough to play Carroll Shelby

    Mr Mission Impossible is lined up to play Ford’s legendary race boss in a big-screen adaptation of A J Baime’s Go Like Hell. Shelby stood well over six feet tall. Cruise… doesn’t. But hey, at least the boy can drive.

  8. 8. Crashing a Ferrari makes it more valuable

    You can buy a decent Ferrari Dino for about £20,000. But if you want Bertrand Lavier’s smashed-up version, you’ll have to pay £156,000. Because it’s art, daahling.

  9. 9. If you want a driving licence in Sierra Leone, you must play a board game

  10. 10. The Lexus IS300h is no Tony Hart

    Toyota’s posh division has developed a saloon that paints its driver. Badly. The TG boys’ art-car mastery remain unchallenged, we think.

    What did you learn about cars this week? Let us know. And keep it clean, please…

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