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The Lister Knobbly is back. Possibly

Lister boss Tweets pic of what could be a new Knobbly. Gets us all excited

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Nowadays Lister spends its days modifying Jaguar F-Types and F-Paces, but its history is firmly rooted in a car called the Knobbly - a revered Jaguar-engined race car from the Fifties.

A few years ago the company said it would build a handful of continuation cars faithful to the original’s specification, but now it looks like things are about to get a bit more high-tech. Enter Lister boss Lawrence Whittaker, who in a Tweet revealed the “Knobbly Concept” his company has been “working on”.

We’ve no idea whether this is a car that will ever get made, or whether it’s merely a design exercise that will only ever exist on screen. Hopefully it’s the former, for as side profiles go, you’ll no doubt agree this is a damn good one. More aggressive than the Ferrari Monza SP1 & SP2, with enough of the original Knobbly in there to justify its name.

If you’re a man or woman of means and fancy yourself one of these, get on the phone to Lister right now. Tell them you want one, and you’ll pay whatever they ask. Maybe if enough of you do that, the company will take the hint and start seriously thinking about building it.

Commenters: on looks alone, is it this, or a Ferrari Monza?

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