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GTbyCitroen news - Citroen GT to tackle Goodwood - 2009

Exciting news. Really, truly, exciting news.

The Citroen GT - yes, we know it’s supposed to be the GTbyCitroen but… just… no - will run the Goodwood hillclimb at the Festival of Speed in July.

On July 3-5, to be precise, the astonishing supercar - created in conjunction with Polyphony, the team behind Gran Turismo 5 (watch the trailer) - will tackle Goodwood’s 1.16-mile hill.

This should be most excellent. When we first saw the GT back in Paris, our first thought (actually, our second thought, the first one being, ‘Bloody hell!’) was: ‘Build it and get it on the track.’

And now they are. Yes, you can drive it on Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, but it’s not quite the same as seeing it whip up the Goodwood hill, skimming the haybales and walls on the way, is it?

Rumours still persist that Citroen is planning to put the GT into very limited production - as few as 15 cars and as much as a million Euros apiece, we’re told.

There’s a bit of a mystery here, though, Top Gear sleuths: Citroen says the GT has already completed parade laps at the Nurburgring and Le Mans 24 Hour races… but Top Gear was at both of those races and saw neither hide nor hair of the big white supercar.

And there’s a distinct lack of photos/videos/anything of it on track. Did anyone spot it at Le Mans or the ‘Ring?  

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