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Your ten favourite stories of 2017 on

Koenigseggs, James Bond and the honourable Toyota Century: your year in news

  1. Watch a Bugatti Chiron go from 0-249mph-0

    Bugatti didn’t turn up to the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show with a new car, it came with a new record. Specifically, the record of accelerating up to 400km/h (249mph) and then decelerating back to 0.

    The time? A scarcely believable 41.96s, set by former Formula One driver Juan Pablo Montoya.

    Bugatti didn’t hold onto that time for long, mind, as you’re about to find out…

    Full story here

  2. Welcome to the interior of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class

    No, you’re not looking at Merc’s poshest, top-dog offering. What you’re staring into is the inside of the smallest, cheapest Benz. The A-Class. The new A-Class. Yes folks, this is the game the premium hatchbacks will play next year…

    Full story here.

  3. This is the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar

    When the nutty division of an otherwise sensible car company is allowed to go, well, nuts, this is the end result. AMG’s vision of the ultimate track-focused, street-legal hypercar. A car that’ll top 1,000bhp, go beyond 217mph and reconfigure vital parts of your anatomy in the process.

    There’s much information, all of which is accessible via this link.

  4. Meet the brand new BMW Z4

    A fine return to form for BMW’s design department: 2017 saw the reveal of the all-new, ‘concept’ Z4. The production version will arrive proper in 2018, but the signs are all very promising.

    It’s been co-developed with Toyota (who’ll turn it into a Supra, yay!), is rumoured to get a petrol-electric drivetrain and uses BMW’s expertise in carbon fibre.

    Can’t wait.

  5. Watch Ken Block’s death-defying Pikes Peak run: it’s Climbkhana

    Fear, at the notion of a 1,400bhp modified Mustang. Considerable alarm, at the thought of said modified Mustang doing trial runs up Pikes Peak. And now full blooded terror, as Ken Block takes on one of the world’s scariest mountain runs, in one of the year’s best videos.

    Just sit back and watch Ken at his absolute, um, peak.

  6. Tesla’s new Semi truck will do 500 miles on one charge

    Yes, much noise was made by the reveal of the lightly mad Tesla Roadster – more of which you can read about here – but you preferred news about Elon’s electric Semi. Stop laughing at the back. It’s a big truck that promises to do 500 miles on a single charge.

    Full story here.

  7. Forget A8s and S-Classes: it’s the new Toyota Century

    The new Toyota Century is, to be blunt, quite fantastic. Think of it as a luxury Japanese rival to the likes of the A8 and S-Class. With 100 per cent wool seats. And a 5.0-litre V8 hybrid drivetrain.

    Hell. Yeah.

  8. The best and worst James Bond cars of all time

    2017 marked 55 years since Dr No premiered, so along with the news that Mr Bond himself will return in 2019, we rounded up his very best – and some of the worst – automotive offerings seen in a 007 flick.

    Good bits: contains Tuk-Tuk. Bad points: a slide-whistle.

  9. Koenigsegg smashes Bugatti’s 0-249mph-0 time

    Koenigsegg descended into the latter part of 2017 in a world of noise and speed. In October, the Swedish giant-killers released a clip detailing an owner’s Agera RS clocking a 0-249mph-0 run in just 36.44s.

    Out of context, it doesn’t make sense. When you realise that it’s over five seconds quicker than a Bugatti Chiron managed it, you get a sense of the achievement. Heavyweight indeed.

  10. Koenigsegg has smashed the world’s fastest car record

    Koenigsegg began the final part of 2017 with a mission to set as many records as it possibly could. And it scooped a big one when, in November, it managed to average 277.9mph in Nevada, in an owner’s Agera RS.

    Unconfirmed reports suggest Bugatti and Hennessey have stricken Christian off their Christmas card list…

    Full story here.

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