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The streets of San Francisco: host to the eponymous 70s detective series and of course, that chase sequence that immortalised McQueen and his Mustang. Now it seems, California’s very own Destructor of Tyres is camping out there.

That’s right, he’s back. Ken Block has just announced the release date for Gymkhana Five, and it’s in San Fran.

Says our Ken: “I wanted to build on the ultimate playground concept from Gymkhana Three, and bring the franchise back to that raw and fast feel that the earlier videos had.”

He will of course, be using his Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V racecar, and notes that not only will he be doing his utmost to rediscover the laws of automotive physics, but that “a few world records and a surprise guest have been thrown in too”.

“I’ve always wanted to film a Gymkhana video in a city and there are few places as unique and iconic with such amazing topography as San Francisco,” he says. “While movies like Bullitt and various chase scenes have tried to use San Francisco to the fullest, I’m pretty confident that I’ve proven there was a lot left to be done on those amazing streets.”

We don’t know what the self-proclaimed ‘hoonigan’ has got in store, but we’ve got some idea of his prodigious appetite for slaying rubber and making Captain Slow’s eyes perform strange movements. Remember when we visited him at that air base?

We’ll get the full video on July 9th. What will he have to pull out of his hat to top his earlier efforts, TopGear.commers? Remind yourself of his last one - his homage to Hollywood - here.

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