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This is the most exciting Toyota Prius on the planet

APR Racing has turned a humdrum hybrid into a mega race car. We like

With enough bits of carbon fibre, we reckon you can make anything look cool. Don’t believe us? Well, take the transformed Toyota Prius above as proof of our theory.

It’s the work of APR Racing, who bravely selected the rather dull-but-worthy Toyota Prius, and injected it with a shot of racing pedigree. We have to admit, the results are brilliant.

As you can see, the bodywork has swollen dramatically and had many, many aerodynamic appendages soldered on.

It’s wider, a hell of a lot lower, very slatty, and comes with full-on slicks. But the pièce de résistance is that wonderfully enormous wing, that we’re guessing produces many downforces.

It gets better. You won’t find the standard, dreary 1.8-litre engine powering this bad boy, this racer opting for a naturally-aspirated 3.5-litre V6 instead.

It’s also hooked up to the same electric motors as the standard car to remain a hybrid. Not to benefit from some emission loophole, but to make the car quicker. What we like to call, A Good Thing.

Now, in most cars of this ilk, you’d normally find that race-tuned V6 sitting mid-ship. But this Prius is set to race in the Japanese GT300 championship, which recently set out new engine regulations, so you’ll now find the motor at the front, where it is in the road-going version.

Inside, the beige interior of norm has been sent to the tip to make way for a stripped-out carbon fibre cave complete with a full roll-cage and a high-tech steering wheel covered in lots of colour buttons.

Unfortunately we don’t have any performance details or what the set up is under the skin. But still: a race-bred Toyota Prius should surely be the world’s Uber X, right?

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