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Wednesday 6th December

Nine things you ought to know about the BMW M4 DTM

BMW has told us many things about the M4 DTM’s V8. These are those things

  • It’s more powerful than last year’s car

    New regulations for the 2017 season means BMW can fit air restrictors that are less, erm, restrictive. So the 4.0-litre V8 produces “over 500bhp”, up 25bhp on last year’s car. This means 0-62mph in 2.6seconds and a top speed of “approximately” 177mph. 


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  • It consumes much air

    The engine sucks in 260 litres of the stuff every second, which BMW says is 2,000 times as a regular human. 


  • It has very fast pistons…

    BMW claim the pistons in its “P66/1” V8 accelerate 600 times faster than a lunar rocket. 


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  • …that cover much distance

    In the course of one season, the pistons cover a combined distance equivalent to traveling from Munich to Sydney. The internet tells us this is over 10,000 miles. 


  • The spark plugs make many sparks

    1.3million over one season, to be precise. 


  • …and the water pump pumps much water

    19,000 litres per hour. BMW says this would fill a bath in 20 seconds. 


  • …and the oil pump pumps much oil

    The oil is circulated through the engine 10,000 times a season. This is many times. 


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  • Parts of it are very light

    BMW says “all the power generated by the engine is transferred to the powertrain and rear wheels through screws weighing just 130 grams.” That’s about as heavy as your phone. Unless your phone is from the late Eighties. 


  • Building it required many technical drawings

    920 of them. This is so many drawings, that laid flat they’d cover a tennis court. 


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