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Watch lots of rally cars crash on the same corner

Wince as one pesky right-hander causes multiple massive accidents

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At first glance, this video may appear to be just another bobble-hatted rally fan’s handy-cam footage. But stick with it, as the action from the Jari-Pekka Ralli in Finland gets very, very crashy.

Up until the minute mark, the most exciting thing to happen is a mustard yellow BMW E36 getting out of shape and penduluming on the snowy surface. In rally terms, no biggie.

But then… BAM! After a quick camera reposition, things get exciting.

It’s one right-hander that seems to catch everyone out. But not just a ‘dip-of-the-wheel-and-get-going-again’ catch out, a full on ‘holy-moly-where-did-that-corner-come-from?!’ kind of catch out… followed by bodywork flying into the air and mild hysteria.

Seriously, everyone is going into it so hot it’s like someone decided to rearrange the pace notes the night before.

A total of seven cars fall victim to the corner, all going off in spectacular fashion and bulldozing through the fluffy white stuff like they’re cartwheeling through a mountain of caster sugar.

The severity of offs ramps up and up, before crescendoing to the point that one driver spectacularly catapults himself into the local forest before being stopped by a tree. Luckily, he was alright.

As rally fans are nice people, after every car had its tumble, they’d rush over to check if everyone was A-ok.

If the car was still functioning and had the necessary mechanical bits attached, they’d flip it back on all fours, before heaving it back onto the road to finish the stage. Then upload the footage to YouTube, obviously.

But we have to give a quick shout out to the spectator who scavenged a car’s suspension and wheel set up before strutting around the stage like he’s Gene Simmons. Proof that standing around in the freezing cold really does send you doolally.

Amazingly, everyone in the video was OK. But as you can see, driving fast, icy roads and immovable trees don’t mix.

Motorsport is dangerous, kids. So don’t try and replicate this for yourself, and don’t stand in silly places while watching a rally. 

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