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TG readers say this is where they’d like to see Adrian Newey go next

This week, cases have been made for the legendary designer to move to other forms of motorsport, as well as… the beach. Read on to find out more

Published: 24 May 2024

It’s the hottest topic in motorsport right now: where exactly will Adrian Newey end up next? In a career that’s spanned over four decades and a portfolio which includes 12 Constructors’ Championship-winning cars, he is widely regarded as one of, if not the greatest F1 aerodynamicist and engineer of all time. 

His zenith came with the RB19 back in 2023, which won an astonishing 21 of the 22 races it competed in to become the most statistically dominant car in the sport’s history. It’s one of six title winners he’s designed during his stint at Red Bull, though we now know that stint will come to an end in 2025, after which Newey will be free to sign with any other team on the grid - something he's already said he's going to do.

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So in our latest Question of the Week, we asked you lot about where you think Newey will end up next, and we’ve been treated to a healthy mix of speculation in a busy comment section. 

Let’s start with TBP’s thoughts: “Two places come to mind: either he’ll go to Ferrari, because I’m pretty sure he’s expressed a desire to work with them and Hamilton at some point, or he’ll go to Audi, who will be exceptionally well-funded and on a fresh slate.”

Andrew David agreed with the four-ringed suggestion: “Audi is a good guess since it’s a company with a history of dominating any motorsport it enters. There’s a reputation to live up to, so I’m confident Newey would get whatever he asked for.”

Meanwhile, Hazy wrote: “I’d really love to see him go to Williams. That team deserves to get back on top and not struggle at the back of the grid.”

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Lachlan offered a similarly unlikely option, though one that'd be just as interesting: “McLaren. Lando has done more than enough to prove that he’s championship material and Oscar has shown that he’s fast from the start. They just need the car now.”

Ultimately, however, Ferrari still seemed to be the most common choice for most. Take Dan Jones’ comment for example: “Ferrari, since they might also let him have free rein on making a LaFerrari road car replacement.” 

For those that don’t know, Newey’s last act at Red Bull will be to sign off his very first track-only vehicle (more on that here). Will he get to follow this up at Ferrari? Dean Jackson thinks so.

“The lure of the red team has to be difficult to resist. One last hurrah with the most famous team in Formula One. Let’s see if he can give them a winning car and then perhaps he can bow out with a lucrative road car side project?”

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As is the case with this running series, there were also plenty of alternative options for Newey to consider. Carruba, for instance, suggested that Newey should go “to the beach”. Peterson went one further, and said: “There’s a very nice curry place in my town. I reckon he should give them a try.”

Grout also pitched the idea of him going to Manchester United, though we think the Red Devils need a bit more than Newey’s considerable talents to rise back to the top.

Anyway, we’ll round off with one more comment from Alex: “Do you know what would be interesting? If he quit Formula One and went to the WEC. Newey designing a Le Mans car would be very interesting, and after so long in Formula One, wouldn’t it be fun for him to try and create for another class?”

An interesting proposal indeed, Alex. Should Newey spend his twilight years designing cars for a different form of racing?

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