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The ten weirdest car company tie-ins

  1. Today is April Fools day, literally the worst day of the year to use the internet.

    And between claims that the Body Mass Index will be replaced by just looking at people, and that Skrillex will remix the London Underground, you may have noticed that carmakers have head-butted in on the action. The tea-powered Mini Cooper T, for example. Or perhaps the BMW Forced Injection Booster (FIB) technology. Oh, our splitting sides.

    But fact is often stranger, and infinitely more hilarious, than fiction. Take Nissan. It recently created a smell that reflects the Leaf EV. As in actually. To concoct it the company even unearthed a “Master Perfumer and Aroma Academy Scientist”.

    Now keep clicking for more, because it’s far from the worst offender…

  2. 1973 Levi's AMC Gremlin

    This American Motors sub-compact legend was shot through with, er, not denim. Fire regulations prevented the company using actual Levi’s material, so it created a decadent spun-nylon I Can’t Believe it’s Not Denim alternative. The seat covers and removable map pockets were covered, fetching burnished copper rivets were added, as well as red Levi’s tabs. As if the Gremlin needed any more glamour.

  3. 2008 Harley Davidson Ford F150

    Truck yeah! It’s the ultimate mid-life crisis - an expensive pickup with needless interior appointments, and Harley Davidson-branded CHROME and BUTCH. The latest Harley link-up F150 (there have been six) got a 5.4-litre V8 you’d find under a normal F150’s bonnet, though there were some mechanical changes, including sports suspension and 22-inch rims. Inside, the seats are trimmed to look like Harley biker jackets. Presumably more Wild Hogs than Hunter S. Thompson. 

  4. 1994 Rolling Stones/Bon Jovi/Pink Floyd VW Golf

    Volkswagen sponsored three rock bands’ European tours, issuing a special-edition Golf for each. And, to accurately capture the hazy, hedonistic world of a touring musician, fitted each with a sticker, some mildly upgraded speakers, alloys, and special seat fabric. No power upgrades were offered. Presumably to avoid over-dazzling customers with the potent extras already on offer. Apologies for the image - a YouTube advert for the Rolling Stones model seems to be the only evidence they existed. Funny that. 

  5. 2012 Ministry of Sound Nissan Juke

    It seems Eric Prydz, Cascada, and deep dish vocal mixes are still very much de rigueur in the Nissan marketing department. Last year, the carmaker paired up with hopelessly uncool nightclub and Stag-Do house label, Ministry of Sound. This is the result. It got some special colour options, an iPod pre-loaded with WIKKID CHOONS, and white 17-inch alloys. Bang tidy, geez’.

  6. 2008 Funkmaster Flex Ford Expedition

    “Body kits are essential to any customization,” says Flex. Which pretty much tells you all you need to know about this… divisive SUV. There was silly paint, gaudy chrome accents, 20-inch bling-a-ding rims, and, to borrow from Clarkson, a branch of Dixons in the boot. Presumably it blows up if you put an Outlawz track on.

  7. 2011 Bob Frederick 'Kowalski' Edition Dodge Challenger

    It’s not an official product, but who would possibly want a car that recruits the spirit of Vanishing Point protagonist, Kowalski? A man that, for no obvious reason, bets his drug dealer he can drive a stolen Dodge to San Francisco? And very possibly causes some injury to fictional police persons in the process? Street races track-prepped E-Types? And encounters bare ladies riding motorcycles in the desert? OK, quite a lot of people. Come on Dodge. Give us an official one.

  8. 2013 Smart For-Jeremy

    No, not that one - Smart called up Jeremy Scott (a designer who dresses Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Kanye West) to revolutionise its long-in-the-tooth city car. We first saw it at last year’s LA Auto Show, where we prayed it’d be killed. Killed with fire. But this bewinged horror actually made production, and is available with three different engines, white nappa leather, and that fetching Miami Vice interior. Yours for £30k. Yeah, no….

  9. 2006 Versace Lamborghini Murcielago

    Is it terrible that we like this? Designers from Versace were let loose on the innards of 20 Murcielagos, adding a two-tone leather interior, a couple of small plaques, and a few stickers. You also got matching Versace luggage, a pair of driving shoes and some driving gloves. Yeah, it’s terrible we like this…

  10. 2008 Hermés Bugatti Veyron

    How’s this for a tenuous link - Ettore Bugatti and the eponymous Émile Hermés met in the 1920s when Ettore ordered a bespoke suitcase for his first Bugatti Royale. Then 80 years later, apropos of nothing, this Veyron appeared. It has special luggage, Hermés logos on the wheels, and new door cards. Thankfully it’s still fast enough to have you spirited over the horizon before any passer-by has the chance to say: “Hey, isn’t that Bugatti-Hermés tie-up utterly tenuo-“

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