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Video: the £2m Lykan Hypersport

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£2m sounds like a lot of money. But actually it’s loads. And exactly what you’ll need to get your name on a Lykan Hypersport’s V5 - the Middle East’s first and only supercar.

You would be forgiven for asking what the hell it is. Mostly because Lykan’s neglected to mention most of the stats. What we do know is that it’s got a 3.7-litre 750bhp, twin-turbo flat-six bubbling away behind the driver, that can hit 60mph in 2.8 seconds (bye bye Aventador) and it stops accelerating at 242mph. Sounds familiar.

Fast. But how do they justify that massive premium over, say, a LaFerrari? Luggzury, apparently. And a lot of it. There are diamonds in the LED headlamps. The leather is stitched with gold thread. It has funny uppy-downy power doors, and an infotainment system that we’ve neither seen nor understand (apparently it’s 3D and has holograms in it).

But that’s still not a million quid’s worth. So there’s a 24-hour dedicated concierge service, ‘free’ £120,000 Cyrus Klepcy watch, and much exclusivity - only seven are being built.

And here is one of them. In all of its two-mil’ glory.

This, or 75 Golf GTIs?

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