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BMW i3

Overall verdict

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Running costs and reliability

As standard you get DC Rapid Charge preparation and Fast charging AC multi-phase capability, but the latest version on BMW’s ‘i Wallbox’ - it’s home charging station - allows fast charging at home with output of up to 11kW. That gives you a battery charged for a range of approximately 112 miles in under three hours – five times faster than with the standard charging cable. It can also be configured to allow for intelligent charging  - so it only charges up when electricity is cheap. Or, indeed from home-brewed solar energy. As far as tax breaks go, the i3 qualifies for everything from government purchase grants to road tax at £0 and the ability to creep through any city-based surcharge you care to mention. Residuals are tidy, and you can still be part of the BMW i scheme where you get to borrow a bigger car now and then as your needs dictate. BMW has managed to sell over 8,000 i3s, and it’s absolutely justified in that, even given the relatively hefty price tag.

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