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Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Citroen C4 Picasso/Grand C4 Picasso

Overall verdict
A people-carrier range that’s aimed at passengers not drivers.


An adjustable seat for everyone. Great visibility, comfort, economy


A Ford C-Max is a lot better to drive, flappy paddle gearbox


What is it?

Citroen’s family stalwart range has had a full renewal. It’s moved onto a new platform from PSA, giving less weight, more strength, reduced thirst and better proportions – in all cases, by a big margin.

But as before, it’s a people carrier with five separate seats (or seven in the stretched Grand Picasso) and a glassy body, giving plenty of space and versatility in a compact footprint. Engine range emphasises diesels, but many buyers will be happy with the 120bhp 1.6 petrol – it also comes as a 156bhp turbo.

The C4 Picasso and Grand Picasso have just been facelifted with new front and rear styling, better infotainment and new powertrains. We haven’t driven one yet, but we can’t see the revisions doing any harm to Picasso whatsoever. 

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