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Ford EcoSport

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Ford EcoSport review: better-looking, better-equipped and better to drive than before

Ford has managed to drag the EcoSport from a blot on its European portfolio five years ago to a worthy competitor in the gangbusters supermini SUV segment. Better-looking, better-equipped and better to drive than ever it’s now worth a look, whereas in the past it was to be actively avoided.

Go for our favourite, the 138bhp 1.0 EcoBoost and the snappy manual gearbox and punchy but perfectly mannered engine can paper over most of the EcoSport’s cracks. It’ll be cheap to run, comfortable for the most part and should deliver hassle-free ownership.

However, with every manufacturer tripping over themselves to get their piece of the supermini SUV cake, there’s a whiff of cynicism surrounding these cars – a suspicion that they’re merely hastily cobbled together top-hats on supermini underpinnings, designed to cash in on a trend rather than serve the customer’s needs. The EcoSport’s problem is that when you’re born from stock as talented as the Fiesta, your shortcomings are thrown into sharp relief.

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1.0 EcoBoost 140 ST-Line 5dr

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