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Lamborghini Urus

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review: Lamborghini Urus



Running costs and reliability

While there’s genuinely space for the whole family, plus a slightly terrified dog in the boot, running the Urus isn’t going to be Skoda Kodiaq cheap. Lamborghini claims (thanks partly to a clever cylinder deactivation system that shuts off four cylinders below 3,000rpm leaving you with 173lb ft of torque to work with) this is its most fuel efficient car ever. Clearly, that’s relative because 22.2mpg and 290g/km of CO2 is still juicier than most things with a number plate. Still, the 85-litre fuel tank means you can realistically expect over 400 miles between fill ups.

Options wise, we’d suggest avoiding the individual rear seat option and sticking with the standard bench. That way you can fold the rear seats when you need an expanded boot. The rest is up to you, but bearing in mind this is a £165,000 car even before you’ve got jiggy with the configurator, be warned that things can get very pricey, very quickly.

And finally, there’s the social aspect. Public opinion on SUVs has softened considerably over the last five years, and they’re no longer perceived as the gas guzzlers they once were, but even so a Lamborghini SUV is a strong image to project. One not everyone will appreciate. The Urus’ biggest problem is probably not any direct rivals, but the fact that for £165,000 you could buy yourself a new Range Rover and a Porsche 911 to blat around in at the weekends.

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