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Mercedes-Benz GLC

Overall verdict

The Top Gear car review:Mercedes-Benz GLC


On the inside

Layout, finish and space

Mercedes-Benz GLC side

Estate agents would call it tastefully furnished, and they’d be right. Quality fittings in artfully designed shapes dominate the cabin, and the Sport trim adds nicer dash garnishes. You need to pick colourways carefully or it can go either too brown or too bling. The wheelbase is longer than the C-class on which it’s based, so there’s no shortage of space, front or back. And the boot is a commodious box. It’s just a five-seater though – the similarly sized Discovery Sport and X-Trail pack kiddy seats behind. Safety is first-class, of course. As it’s a Mercedes, you can spec up almost all the active safety and semi-autonomous driving aids of an S-class.

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